We have set the offer of services so that it meets your needs and preferences.

Our services

Concierge manager
Personal concierge doctor available 24/7
Second expert opinion
Company during examinations
Reception services
SMS notification
Benefit package 2 x / person / year


Contact us using the contact form and we will arrange a personal meeting with you.


I want to become your client. What should I do?

First contact is usually established by telephone or e-mail. When we receive your request by e-mail, we will contact you immediately. Then we will arrange a personal meeting to inform you about our services, programmes and conditions of our future relationship. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions. After you decide to become our client, we will agree on the formalities related to signing the contract so that it is as comfortable for you as possible. By signing the contract you become our client and you may use a wide range of outstanding ProHealth services.

How do I make an appointment with a doctor who does not work in the network of ProCare or Svet zdravia polyclinics and hospitals?

Contact our concierge doctor. Consult all your needs and requirements with them. According to your description of the problem we will arrange an examination by a necessary specialist. We will also inform you of any preparation for the examination, if relevant. We will remind you of the appointment date by telephone or SMS message and, if necessary, we will agree on preparation for the examination or personal accompaniment during the examination. Depending on the situation, we will also talk about examinations and tests which will need to be made after the examination and we will arrange appointments for them.  Finally, we will summarize all your results, data about your medicaments and all necessary information about your examination and diagnosis for you.

What kind of specialists can you arrange?

ProHealth cooperates with the largest network of excellent doctors and specialists in every area of modern medicine and with all clinics and workplaces in Slovakia. We will arrange an immediate examination or consultation for you. We will always fully take care of you and everything you need will be arranged.

Why do you provide your services to a limited number of clients only?

We build our relationship with clients on trust, a professional approach and confidentiality. We know that a quality relationship cannot be built on hasty and impersonal meetings. That is why our ProHealth team look after a limited group of clients, which gives us sufficient time to meet their requirements and to provide them with the necessary attention and comfort.