ProHealth´s year-round healthcare programmes offer a wide range of premium services.

Concierge manager

Our team of concierge managers performs comprehensive management of your healthcare and provides advice, guidance and all necessary information. It is available on working days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Personal concierge doctor available 24/7

Our concierge personal doctors are available to you for expert consultation every day in the year, including weekends and bank holidays. They will advise you on health problems and ensure all necessary care.

Preventive examinations

Prevention is better than cure. We will arrange for you a wide range of preventive examinations in specialized medical facilities. They will assess your health condition, and help take steps to maintain or improve it.

Second expert opinion

We will arrange for you the possibility of a second expert consultation of your health problem with a specialist in the field and ensure final optimisation of your diagnosis and treatment.

SMS notification

Before your scheduled examination will send you an SMS message reminding you of the date and time and place of examination. The message will also contain the name of the doctor who is ready to help you.

Company during examinations

Your personal companion will accompany you during examinations at and visits to medical facilities. The companion will help you overcome your worries and insecurity and cope with the examination more easily.

Reception services

They ensure faster arrangement of available appointments with specialists from any field in the network of polyclinics and hospitals of Svet zdravia and ProCare and in other medical facilities.

Benefit package

In addition to the basic programme, we will arrange other services for you in the form of benefit packages. You may select any of them depending on your personal preferences.

Benefit package

In addition to the basic programme, we will arrange other services for you in the form of benefit packages. You may select any of them depending on your personal preferences.

Preventive examination

We will arrange a comprehensive preventive examination for you with excellent oncologists at specialized workplaces of the institute of oncology of Onkologický ústav svätej Alžbety.

Derma plus

The package of services offers an expert dermatological examination including cosmetic removal and histological examination of two birthmarks.

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene experts will look after your healthy smile using efficient curative and preventive stomatological methods.

Fit menu

If you want to improve your eating habits, healthy diet experts will prepare your personal fit menu for you. It also includes a diet plan with a range of suitable recipes.


Emergency medical service for children

We will help your child overcome an acute health condition.

If your child needs an urgent examination or transfer to a medical facility, we will arrange a transfer with a team of experienced healthcare professionals. All transfers are carried out using medical transport service with excellent specialized equipment for child patients.

Medical transportation service

We will transport you quickly, safely and comfortably.

If you need to arrange transfer from a hospital, therapeutic stay or transport to an examination, we will arrange comfortable transport with professional medical transport service.


Transport needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance.

COVID-19 test

Comprehensive diagnosing at your home or company.

Mobile blood sampling

In the comfort and safety of your home.

We will arrange mobile intravenous blood sampling for diagnostic or follow-up examinations.
Your test results will be available within 48 hours.


Blood sampling needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance.


Contact us using the contact form and we will arrange a personal meeting with you.